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Welcome to the neighborhood!

January 19, 2015


HOA Highlight of the month - Noise 
Section 11.19 Coyote Creek CC&Rs, Page 45

Working together we maintain the tranquil and beautiful setting that we are so lucky to live in!  Each month in this space watch for highlights from our Coyote Creek Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that our neighborhood is governed by.  Each owner receives a copy of these CC&Rs before purchase. For our first installment - a refresher on "Noise."    

No Owner shall engage in any activity or permit any activity to occur on the Properties which shall result in unusual, loud or obtrusive noise or sounds. Barking dogs that annoy any nearby or surrounding Owner shall be strictly prohibited.  The Association may enforce this Section by fines, injunctive action or other relief and may require removal from the Properties of any dog causing a disturbance.

Homeowners Annual Meeting
The date for the Annual Meeting will be March 10, 2015.  Mark your calendars and watch for further information coming out soon. 

Bulk Trash Pickup - Projected Dates

Watch this space, the projected dates for bulk pickup are January 30th, May 1st, and October 2nd 2015. Waste Management is giving the community an extra bulk pickup in 2015 because the community only received one pickup in 2014.  We will post additional information in the coming week.  

Community Spotlight - Rincon Valley FIre Department

Did you know that in addition to the great job our fire department does responding to emergencies and critical fire needs, they also have several free services for our Vail community:
  • Desert Creature Removal – Unwanted desert creatures are removed from homes and properties and relocated to remote locations.  This service is free for all District residents.
  • Vehicle Lockout Assistance - Rincon Valley Fire District will respond to a vehicle owner to attempt entry in the even their keys are locked inside.  This service is free of charge to District residents.
  • Community Meetings - Rincon Valley Fire District actively supports community groups hosting meetings at the Fire Station and sending speakers to other meeting places to address fire and life safety issue.
   You do not need to drive into "town" to enjoy many cultural, recreational, and continuing educational opportunities. The Arizona Senior Academy (ASA) sponsors many events right up the road at the Academy Village. Our neighborhoods have a friendly relationship and Coyote Creek residents are invited to sign up for events.  It's a great way to join up with good people who want to improve their neighborhoods and take care of their mind and body.  Find the recreational activities at this calendar.

Note to visitors: Because some of the events overfill the hall, we have established a reserved-seat policy.  This means non-Academy members need to call 647-0980 or email to make a reservation.  The first twenty-five people to reserve a seat will be able to enter the hall fifteen minutes prior to the announced starting time of the event and may sit anywhere, as will Academy members.  Visitors without a reservation will be able to seat themselves five minutes prior to the announced starting time.  Visitor parking is behind the Community Center.  Upon entry into Academy Village there will be a stop sign.  Turn right and follow the yellow dividing line in the road to a sign that reads “Additional Parking”.  Turn left onto Vivaldi Court and follow the road down into the parking lot. The rear half of the Great Room is equipped with an inductive loop, providing assistive listening for those with hearing aids. To use, activate T-coil in hearing aid.