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Welcome to the neighborhood!

August 25, 2014

Things To Do!
updated uly 24, 2014

Mt. Lemmon Sky Center
SummerNights StarGazing: July and August
September through December Special Calendar

Stargazing during the summer is often difficult here in the Southwest because of the afternoon thunderstorms that rarely clear in the early evening during the months of July and August.  However there are clear night opportunities and we want to take advantage of them.  So our SummerNights program lets the public sign up on any night during the period from July 1 through August 31st and if the weather conditions are good we will try to have a program! 

Cienega Creek - Davidson Canyon Picnic
updated July 28, 2014
   The Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, located nearby, is a great place to plan a couple hours visiting nature in our area. This is one of the most intact riparian areas in southern Arizona. The preserve protects approximately 12 miles of the lower creek. Portions of the creek are perennial, the result of bedrock formations just below the ground forcing underground water to the surface. Surface flows have not been depleted and groundwater levels remain shallow.  You need a free permit to visit the area.  Just a 20 minute drive over to the parking lot, wear comfy shoes for light hiking.  Pay attention to weather alerts if you plan to visit during the summer during rainy season. 

At the "3 Bridges Lot" you will see this sign, then it is a very short hike down to the canyon area.  From this lot you get a great view of the Cienega Bridge which was built in 1921. It has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Here is the map and a little YOUTUBE video to watch before you go!  

To do the Davidson Canyon portion of a visit, a more challenging hike for experienced desert hikers, go to this site for more information.  This hike follows the Arizona Trail, and takes you from the Creek area to La Posta Quemada ranch and the south end of Colossal Cave Mountain Park.  Rich in Southern Arizona history.


      Like the night air, rumble of the engines - Drags and Races!
 updated July 24, 2014

Fridays and Saturdays this summer - check calendar
Southwestern International Raceway
12000 S. Houghton Road
Time: Gates open at 6 pm. Track hot at 7 pm


Admission: Spectator tickets are $8 while participant entries, for one car and driver, are $25. Tickets for children 12 and under are FREE. More info.

Take Care Of Your Mind, Body, and Soul!

  You do not need to drive into "town" to enjoy many cultural, recreational, and continuing educational opportunities. The Arizona Senior Academy (ASA) sponsors many events right up the road at the Academy Village. Our neighborhoods have a friendly relationship and Coyote Creek residents are invited to sign up for events.  It's a great way to join up with good people who want to improve their neighborhoods and take care of their mind and body.  Find the recreational activities at this calendar.

Note to visitors: Because some of the events overfill the hall, we have established a reserved-seat policy.  This means non-Academy members need to call 647-0980 or email to make a reservation.  The first twenty-five people to reserve a seat will be able to enter the hall fifteen minutes prior to the announced starting time of the event and may sit anywhere, as will Academy members.  Visitors without a reservation will be able to seat themselves five minutes prior to the announced starting time.  Visitor parking is behind the Community Center.  Upon entry into Academy Village there will be a stop sign.  Turn right and follow the yellow dividing line in the road to a sign that reads “Additional Parking”.  Turn left onto Vivaldi Court and follow the road down into the parking lot. The rear half of the Great Room is equipped with an inductive loop, providing assistive listening for those with hearing aids. To use, activate T-coil in hearing aid.